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Tips on Making the Most of a Small Garden

If you have a small outdoor space, there’s no reason why you still can’t the heavenly garden retreat that you deserve! It can be a little more of a challenge than it would be with ample space – but with our tips on making the most of a small garden, you will have your own little haven.

Low Walls that can be Used as Seating

It could be that you want to have some friends over but don’t have anywhere for them to sit, or that there is only room for a couple of chairs. You can design your garden in such a way where you have raised beds for your plants (making them easier to look after) – and surround them with walls for some seating space. You can accessorise with colourful cushions that match the rest of your garden.

Put up Some Shelves

You can create your very own area for pots, plants and accessories by putting up shelves. Depending on the fence you have, you may need to mount them to a brick wall – but they are a great way of allowing you to add your own character to your garden. For a cost-effective solution – you can use railway sleepers and hold them up with brackets.

Keep Things Bright

You will notice that when people have a small bathroom, they tend to choose bright and airy colours to make space seem more significant. The same goes for a garden. You can use white paint on brick walls for the maximum effect. You can also invest in some white garden furniture and accessories to make things look more spacious.

Use Climbing Plants

It could be that you don’t have too much space to plant your favourite flowers, but if you have a fence – this could be the perfect place for some greenery and colour. You can use climbing plants to draw attention to your fence – and can end up as a kind of feature wall. People will be so busy looking at it; they won’t notice the dimensions of your garden.
If you are at a loss as to what you can do with your small space – hopefully, our tips on making the most of a small garden helps!

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