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Do you struggle with keeping your garden maintained? Summer is just around the corner and so we have put together some ideas to help you get your garden in check without too much hassle. Keep reading to hear about our low maintenance garden ideas for summer.

Add A Patio

One of the best ways to fix up your garden and make it low maintenance is to add a patio. A patio can be great for summer as it can give you somewhere to sit with your friends in the sun and possibly even enjoy a drink or some al fresco dining. If you are going to have a patio installed, we suggest hiring a professional to ensure everything is done properly.

Replace The Grass

When you have grass in your garden, you need to pay it a lot of attention if you want to look after it. This often means cutting it a few times in the summer and this is not ideal for those who want some low maintenance garden ideas. To combat this, we suggest replacing your grass for a nice selection of stones or even some artificial grass if you still want some green out there.

Consider Pathways

Another great idea is to add some pathways to your garden which can add focus and bring it all together. With a pathway, you only need to worry about getting it installed and after that, it requires very little maintenance. If you want to make your pathway look even better, you could add some lighting for those summer nights.

Try Long Term Planting

Finally, we think that you should consider some long-term planting for your garden. Plants that come back every year are perfect for those who don’t consider themselves to have green fingers and they can help to add a bit of colour to your garden. For this summer, we suggest planting some lavender which will come back next year and a few more after that. This way, you can have a beautiful garden without the need for maintenance.

Try Them Today

Now that you have heard about our low maintenance garden ideas for the summer, we suggest that you give some of them a try. If you are thinking about having a patio installed or require some other landscaping services, make sure to get in touch with Aspen Landscape Design & Build today. We will be happy to help with transforming your garden in time for summer.

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