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Garden Design Trends in 2019

With a significant focus on mental-wellbeing – we predict that the garden design trends in 2019 will have a focus on creating a relaxing space in your home that will allow you to feel more at peace.

Low Maintenance

If you don’t have a landscape gardener helping you with regular maintenance – it can be stressful taking care of what is perceived as a messy garden. People are looking to simplify things this year by doing things like getting rid of trees or shrubs that are on the messy side. If some trees or shrubs are often in the way of a path that you use, take away the burden of having to take care of this. Choosing more durable products that don’t need to be cleaned or replaced regularly is also a great way of making your garden lower maintenance.

Creating a Retreat within the Garden

You don’t need to go on holiday to enjoy a getaway. There’s no reason why you can’t have your own secluded spot in your garden that is perfect for a place to relax and unwind whether you want to have a nice place to read a book, or else practice meditation or mindfulness. Having a garden retreat is becoming increasingly popular and can make you feel rejuvenated.

Getting the Right Furniture

You get what you pay for when it comes to garden furniture. One of the biggest garden design trends in 2019 is investing a little more in your garden furniture. More people are leaning towards high-quality pieces of furniture that don’t only look the part but are weather resistant and be with you for the long haul.

Growing Food in your Garden

Although growing food isn’t a new concept – there’s no doubt that people are more interested than ever where their food comes from. A common misconception is that if you have a small garden, that you may not have the room to grow your own food – but that’s not the case. You can start by doing simple things like adding pots to the porch of your garden, or by adding vertical planters for growing herbs.
These are some of the garden design trends in 2019 according to Aspen Landscape Design & Build. If you are looking to revitalise your garden this year, get in touch for your free quote.

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